Coverage For People With Pre-Existing Conditions

It used to be if you had diabetes or another serious pre-existing illness, an insurance company would automatically decline your application for health insurance. Nowadays, insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover patients who have pre-existing health conditions.


Obamacare Open Enrollment

Open enrollment begins on Nov 1st. We can remind you beforehand and get you the information you need to enroll in a health plan. We’ll also help you see if you are eligible for a government subsidy to help pay a portion of your monthly premium.

Send us your email address and we’ll notify you when it’s time for open enrollment.


We’ll notify you when open enrollment is about to begin.

What To Expect At Open Enrollment

Apply & Get Approved…Guaranteed

Get approved regardless of pre-existing condition

During Open Enrollment, insurance companies can no longer deny anyone coverage on the basis of a pre-existing coverage. It is a great time to find the plan that suits your needs and budget.

Get Covered, (Regardless Of Health Conditions)

Get covered regardless of pre-existing condition

If you’re one of the millions with a pre-existing condition, you understand how difficult it was to find affordable, high-quality health insurance. The good news is that ChooseMyPlan will show a variety of health plans from a variety of different carriers to suit you and your family’s health and budget needs.

Get Access to Health Care

Get access to healthcare

If you’re uninsured, have been denied coverage, or just want to explore your options, sign up and we’ll email you reminders when open enrollment begins.