Medicare Advantage Quotes

Medicare has several parts to consider when making your health care insurance choices. It is important to be aware of all the different Medicare options, so that you can make decisions based on what will provide you with appropriate care at an affordable price.

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Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, is private insurance you obtain through insurance carriers, not the government. Medicare Advantage is not mandatory, meaning you do not have to have Part C. But if you decide you do, you must also have Medicare Parts A & B (Original Medicare), and will continue to pay the Medicare Part B premium in addition to the Medicare Advantage premium. At a minimum, these plans must provide benefits equal to Medicare Parts A & B, but can include additional benefits Original Medicare does not offer, such as eye exams, hearing aids or dental coverage.

Factors such as your age, where you live, as well as the time of year you are enrolling can affect your eligibility and the price you pay, if any. For these reasons, we take a more realistic approach when getting Medicare Advantage quotes for our clients. We initially ask you only what we need to get you a meaningful quote. From here, we contact you to verify eligibility and discuss formularies, service areas, plan details, and more to ensure you are getting the coverage you need.

Medicare Advantage Quotes

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Medicare Advantage Quotes

We are here to help every step of the way. If at any time you have questions about a health plan, Medicare eligibility or how the Affordable Care Act impact you or your family, ChooseMyPlan can help you find the Medicare coverage that fits your needs and budget.