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Start Saving For Medical Expenses With A HSA

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are a simple way to save for medical expenses. When used in conjunction with HSA compatible health plans or High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), an HSA can be an effective way to help protect yourself from unexpected medical costs. Get free HSA health plan quotes from the best companies in your area, at the lowest prices.

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Free HSA Compatible Health Plans Quotes

An HSA is more than just a savings account. It’s a special tax advantaged account that allows you and your family to pay for various “qualified medical expenses” tax-free.

Health Savings Account Advantages

HSAs offer individuals and families the opportunity to save for current and future health care expenses.

  • Contributions to HSAs are 100% tax deductible up to a certain limit.
  • HSAs offer tax-free withdrawals to help pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • HSAs are portable, meaning your balance carries over year to year. Where, unlike an FSA, the money is yours to keep.

Health Savings Account Contributions

The maximum amount you can contribute to your HSA each year is set by federal regulations. The limits for 2017:

  • Individual: $3,400
  • Family: $6,750
  • HSA holders 55 and older can save an additional $1,000 which means $4,400 for an individual and $7,650 for a family

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