Group Health Insurance Quotes

Small Business with 2-50 employees & Self Employed husband and wife Business can qualify for group health insurance. Business owners can utilize the benefits of offering Group Health Insurance, such as being an effective employee retention tool, increasing employee loyalty, as well as taking advantage of certain tax advantages.

Group Health Insurance Quotes

Requirements for group health insurance vary from state to state. Most states use ‘medical underwriting’ as the process to determine rates, while others use a process known as ‘community ratings’. States also have different ‘Risk Adjustment Factors’ (RAF), which insurance companies use to assess and issue a group’s monthly premium. For Example, California has an RAF of .90 to 1.10. An insurance company is limited to issuing a small group employer a rate no more than 10% below (.90) or 10% above (1.10) its standard rate (1.00). In the state of Nevada, the RAF is .85 to 1.15. In addition, all carriers will want some demographic information about the employees, such as age and gender, as well as how many dependents will be covered, if any.

For these reasons, we take a more realistic approach when obtaining small group health insurance quotes for business owners and ask you to fill the form out below so that we can gather information to get you a meaningful group health insurance quote.

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