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Need coverage for the entire family? No problem. Or maybe you are looking for a plan you can use a HSA with? We can help. Or maybe you need to supplement your Medicare coverage with prescription drug plan? We do that too. Rest assure, regardless of the type of health insurance you need, has you covered.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

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Group Health Insurance

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Medicare Insurance

Medicare Insurance

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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance

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  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
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In the past, if you needed health insurance, you called an insurance agent to help you get coverage. Currently, with the addition of health insurance marketplaces, there are multiple places to shop for health coverage. However, the responsibility of reviewing health plans vs. the premium, now lies with you, the consumer. As a result, people sign up for plans that don’t cover what they need or end up costing much more than they initially thought. Enter We allow you to browse all of the affordable health insurance plans available in your area in one, convenient place. Regardless of whether you want a “marketplace” plan or not, can help save you time and money. Browse Health Plans Now

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Compare enables you to compare affordable health insurance plans side by side. Easily identify differences between plans you are considering . In addition, sort plans to view what is important to you. For example, sort plans by premium if cost is the most relevant factor. Or, sort by deductible if you only want to see plans with a specific deductible amount, and so on. Sorting allows you to quickly see plan information that is meaningful to you and compare plans faster. Compare Plans

Compare Affordable Health Insurance Plans Side By Side. Sort By Premium, Deductible, Carrier, and more.


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What People Are Saying About ChooseMyPlan

I was searching for health insurance quotes and found I was impressed with the ease of the site’s navigation and the ability to compare insurance plans side by side. The website is extremely user-friendly and the process was much more simple than I had anticipated. Within 10 minutes, I was able to find affordable health insurance.

Mike in San Francisco, CA

ChooseMyPlan was a big help to me in choosing my Medicare plan. I found the site to be very user-friendly, and when I did have a question, I just called the number listed and was able to talk to a real person who was more than helpful in answering any questions I had. If you are a senior looking for Medicare insurance, I would highly recommend this website.

Laura in Temecula, CA

I was referred to ChooseMyPlan, and as a business owner in the service industry, I like to know when I need something, I too can be serviced exactly how I handle my clients. I am not the biggest company out there but when I call in or have questions I certainly feel like I am. They are very proactive in bringing new legislation or advantages to my attention versus just being reactive.

Andrew, President ADA Partners in Los Angeles, CA